Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Having your windows cleaned professionally will enhance the beauty of your home and give you a sense that your whole house feels cleaner. Cleaning your windows regularly can also prevent unsightly water spots that build up over time and could etch into the glass. I clean windows using an applicator which holds enough soap and water solution to scrub the window safely without dripping water everywhere else. Once the window has been thoroughly scrubbed, I use a professional style squeegee to remove the cleaning solution while catching water run off with a cotton towel. Then I will wipe clean the window sill and wipe dry the window edges and frames.

Some outside windows that are difficult to reach due to height or obstacles in front of windows can be cleaned with a water fed pole. Purified water is delivered through the pole while cleaning. This technique is safe and does the job very well leaving no water spots or streaks.

Care for your home or business is a priority. I have pads on my ladders, use drop cloths when needed and wear shoe covers. I appreciate the hard work and expense that goes into landscaping so I will take precautions to work carefully around flower beds and plants. I will clean windows on homes and businesses up to 3 stories. Whether you have a 1 story rambler or a multi-story mansion home, I have the experience to do the job right.

Window Cleaning Services:

  • Windows inside/outside or outside only
  • Skylights
  • Window screen cleaning
  • Glass cabinets
  • Mirrors
Window Cleaning